Five powerful lessons online trading taught me.

The power of Online trading

  • Perfect for managing greed, fear, and crisis
  • Money growth & discipline
  • Financial literacy and exposure to the global financial market
  • Leverage Trading – trading with money you don’t have
  • Best skill acquired in the shortest possible time with the highest possible income

1. Perfect for managing greed, fear, and crisis:

Greed happens when you want to take 100% profit and it’s almost impossible while fear cripples your thinking faculty when the market goes against you significantly. Trading at times could make you very tensed, your heart pounds and you give in to fear. And when this sets in, you make irrational decisions and probably get “rekt” (crash).

Over time, you would have developed the right trading psychology and strategies which furnish your self-control and won’t even blink next time. Then all of a sudden, the price moves in your favour and you are in profit. You give a heavy sigh and say ‘LET’S DO THIS AGAIN’.

2. Money growth & discipline:

If you lack financial discipline, trust me, trading will sufficiently deal with that to an extent. You will be compelled to know how to manage and grow money. This is why most are financially down. Online trading is a game of numbers and it helps, in a very coercive way to help you manage profits, losses, financial targets, and how to achieve them because when you lose money once or twice, no one would tell you to be very calculative. By the way, if you want to calculate how much you can earn from trading – try using the profit calculator.

3. Financial literacy and exposure to the global financial market:

Ever heard of Derivatives, or the S&P 500Dow Jones Industrial Average, and Nasdaq Composite? They are the three most broadly followed indexes by both the media and investors. Online trading exposes you to these markets because there is a direct correlation between the stock market and the crypto market in terms of the direction in price movement. Until I started trading I never knew all these including Bearish, Bullish, Technical & fundamental analysis, swing trade, scalping, and the likes.

4. Leverage Trading – trading with money you don’t have

When I learned one could trade with another’s money, I was bewildered as you may be now but it’s not really actually borrowed money but a phenomenon called leverage trading put simply, is the ability (funds) that a cryptocurrency exchange gives you to be able to trade with more money than you have in your account balance. See my video on leverage trading.

5. Best skill acquired in the shortest possible time with the highest possible income:

Online trading is not the easiest of careers as a Nigerian but could be one of the most profitable solo-careers. If you know what you are doing, and executing your strategy right, you can make up to $1,000 per week minimum – no hypes. There are people that make much more than this. If you have a very high equity-like of $100,000, you could make up to $10.000 every week. Statistics show that over $5,835,996,341 (632,173 Bitcoins) are traded daily on Binance Exchange. This gives an idea of the market you are about to be involved in.

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